Energy gives more power to how you are feeling, whether stressed or not.

People often say it is good to be full of energy and I get what they mean. But sometimes energy applied to the wrong emotions can cause more harm than good.

Stress gives us a certain kind of energy. I’m not quite sure what to call it really.

I compare it to lifting weights. You are lying on a bench and the barbels are above your head and they are very heavy. It is probably not a good idea to drop them on your head.

So, when you pick the barbels up you give it a lot of energy to suspend that stress then you proceed to ‘pump iron.’ Finally when you are done with that rep you place the barbels back on the rack and you relax.

After a good workout I always sleep really well that night.

That is all fine and good. But what if you have to bear a stressful load all day long, not with weights but with tasks, responsibilities, deadlines and colleagues? Giving a lot of energy into those stress factors uses up a lot of energy and then over time you really run out of it and can get into a situation where you are simply “kaputt.”

Without ‘Serenity’ to handle the stress factors in your life you will eventually wear down and become completely burnt out, angry, resentful and worst of all, unhappy.

I asked myself the question the other day about whether it is healthy not to just blow up every now and then to express how you feel. A lot of people do that. But, that really isn’t fair to those you are around. It isn’t necessarily their fault that you are all wound up. So, this is part of the reason why Serenity is such a great tool when dealing with stress factors.

Serenity keeps you out of the melt down zone.

Just like everything else in life it takes practice. In order to bring Serenity into your life as a powerful tool to handle the difficulties of life it must be practiced regularly and before the beginning of your day, and even time and again during the day.

Those who go through life unaware of the Serenity that they have deep inside of them and never access it live a difficult life and always will. You see it all of the time.

My wish for you is to learn the art of “Serenity” so that you can become truly powerful in yourself and aren’t such a puppet to the whims of the world.

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