There is only one way to peace.

You know that achieving peace is something you cannot achieve. Peace is not a result it is a way of living. It is the common denominator of your reaction to life stimuli.

One of my favorite television shows was Kung Fu. But, it wasn’t one of my favorites until these past several years. WHY?

Because I didn’t get it when I was younger. I didn’t understand that the power of peace is having the ability to act with strength, confidence, and skill all within a peaceful demeanor.

It is a skill. It is practiced knowledge, over a long period of time, in a consistent way and you need teachers to help sort out the confusing messages of the world that seem to want to agitate us into submission to our emotions, unchecked. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, with anger and force and not with calm and leverage.

Part of this knowledge was brought forth by Star Wars whenever the power of “The Force” was discussed. How it can be used for good and bad, but that the negative aspects of the emotions like anger, greed, envy, and revenge lead us down a path of self destruction because the real victim isn’t your opponent when you allow that to happen, but yourself.

A true epiphany is the idea of “The Beginners Mind”. That this “peace” has to be recreated every day and in advance of the day. It is a method of preparation for the day. Meditation, breathing, and centering yourself by doing the same practices on a consistent basis every day without fail.

So, there really is only one path to peace, and that is always the one that signifies the next step and each one create with the same sort of beginner’s mind that doesn’t assume that once you achieve it, you have it, but rather that you can’t achieve it, but have to recreate it for yourself everyday.

The fact is that decay, rot, and rust will happen in life when maintenance isn’t practiced.

It doesn’t take much time, it takes the time you give it, and what a reward it is.

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